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Orchard View Cherries from Orchard View, Inc. in The Dalles, Oregon

Orchard View Cherries from Orchard View, Inc. in The Dalles, Oregon

Orchard View Cherries are some of the the world’s most sought after fresh fruit.  Our fresh cherries are enjoyed around the globe.
Established in 1923, Orchard View has been family owned and operated for four generations.
The next generation is already in the orchards learning the family business.

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Impeccable Standards:

  • Each cherry variety we grow is selected for its premium flavor, fruit size and harvest timing to create a seamless supply of top quality cherries from the Pacific Northwest

  • The Cherries are processed and packed using the newest technology on a “state of the art” optic grading and sizing system

  • We are GLOBALG.A.P. certified

  • Our goal is to produce the highest quality of fresh, ready to eat sweet cherries

Package of Orchard View Cherries
Orchard View Inc Panorama of Cherry Trees with Spring Blosoms in The Dalles Oregon
Orchard View Inc. Family Owned and Opererated at warehouse for cherry harvest

Orchard View, Inc.

Walter Bailey and Mabel Bailey established Orchard View Farms in 1923.
The initial business base was processing cherries (Maraschino Cherries). According to records kept by Grandpa, the farm produced 18 tons of white cherries and six tons of black cherries during its first season.
Walter’s son, Don and his wife Edwina, joined the business prior to 1940. Don and Edwina, with sons Bob, Ken, Tom and Jon, planted additional orchard acreage and in the 1980’s oversaw the construction of a cold storage and packing facility for apples.  In the mid 1990’s, the facility was converted to a fresh cherry packing line.
Today, Don’s granddaughter, Brenda Thomas and grandson, David Ortega, along with a management team, oversee 2,500 acres of apples, cherries and pears.   The facility packs more than 10,000 tons of cherries a year.
Located in the Columbia River Gorge, Orchard View is an excellent place to grow Light and Dark Sweet Cherries. Mt Hood stands just west of the orchards, with Mt Adams to the northwest. The Cascade Mountains act as a rain shadow, protecting the crop from summer showers that can cause the fruit to swell and crack.  The rich volcanic soil has the right pH for cherry fruit trees.
The mild northwest climate allows the winter to be cold enough for the trees to go dormant in the winter months and reduces the risk of late spring frosts. The trees are usually in full blossom in April.
It’s all about what variety is planted and where. Elevation and slope play a huge part in our planting strategy; determining what should be grown on a south facing slope vs. north facing slope, which early  variety or  late variety should be grouped together, and at what altitude. These are all taken into consideration as part of our plan to extend the fresh cherry season and give you more time to enjoy Orchard View Cherries.

Cherry Varieties:

Orchard View grows, packs and ships the top selling varieties of light and dark sweet cherries.  The cherry varieties include Bing , Chelan, Kordia, Rainier, Lapins, Regina, Skeena and Sweetheart Cherries. 

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