Hello Orchard View,
Harvest time is coming and it looks like a nice big crop! Our motto every day at Orchard View is to Pick, Pack, Ship. Plan to pick when the cherries are just ripe, we’ll work to pack the cherries within a day, and ship them to our customers around the world as soon as they are cold. With efficient steady movement, we can handle the biggest crops Mother Nature provides. The end result are happy and satisfied consumers and good returns for everyone. The plan is in place, now it is Mother Nature’s turn.  Cherry on for a good harvest! ~ Brenda Thomas

OSU Pre-Harvest Tour ~ Thursday June 1, 7:45am @ OVF Dallesport ~ Trellis

We are rapidly approaching the 2017 cherry season. While harvest will be a couple weeks later than last year, the size of our crop appears to be very close to 2016’s. The packinghouse team has been hard at work getting the line ready for its second season of use. We anticipate starting this season around June 15th, with a lot of cherries through July and into the first few weeks of August. Last year, thanks to both the new equipment and the hard work of our employees, we had a very successful season. Our customers were very happy with the product that we put into the market in 2016, which has paved the way for high demand for Orchard View Cherries this year. The Northwest crop is forecasted to be one of the largest cherry crops in history so it is important that we continue to produce and pack quality cherries to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.
Finally, I want to acknowledge the packinghouse for being safety conscious and doing a great job of working hard, yet working safe. We have been incident free to this point in 2017 and our goal is to continue through the packing season. Here’s to another successful cherry crop! ~ David Ortega


At Orchard View, Inc. we encourage our employees to work safely along with keeping them well informed regarding their responsibilities and the safety practices that are important at Orchard View, Inc. We had a successful training day packed with Food Safety information, Ag worker standards, Driving safety, equipment safety, and so much more! Cherry harvest is just around the corner and we all need to be on our best safe worker practices to ensure every individuals safety! We are striving to be an accident free workplace, and are actively participating in our 2017 Safety challenge; our goal is to stay accident free now and throughout harvest. Always remember, Safety starts with YOU!