A typical cherry harvest season at Orchard View is 8 weeks. We pack only the highest quality cherries. This demands a lot of us & of our staff. Everyone will be required to work weekends. Staff must be available to work the entire duration of our harvest season, anticipated this year as late May to early August (subject to change based on weather & ripeness of cherries).

Pay rates start at $9.75 per hour & increases depending on position & years of service with Orchard View. Actual pay rate will be disclosed at time of job offer.

Transportation is not provided by the Company. Housing is only offered to cherry pickers & their immediate families at no cost, but there is a security deposit fee.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: SAIF Corporation

Melissa Reyes (541) 397-0797 (English) or Tony Valdovinos (Spanish/English) (541) 397-0013 in Human Resources will assist you with the completion of an 801 form. The deadline to file a Workers’ Compensation claim is 24 Hours.

Packinghouse & Other Minimum Requirements

18 years of age or older at beginning of harvest

Physically capable of standing for the entire work shift, up to 14 to 16 hours during the peak of our season

Most positions require the ability to reach & carry items with both arms, rotate both wrists, sometimes bend, kneel & reach & all workers must be able to safely navigate the workstations & worksite. use of stairs may be required to access work area and the nearest emergency exit.


Staff should understand they will be working around various moving objects, equipment & people. Conveyor belts transport the cherries & boxes through the production line, forklifts & pallet jacks will be maneuvered through the facility. The temperature in the general work area of the packinghouse typically ranges between 55 & 65 degrees. Cherries are stored at 29 degrees. The box stacking room is approximately 32 degrees. Hearing, eye & hand protection will be provided to select personnel, depending on their position at no charge, this also applies to the cold suits.

10 minute rest breaks & 30 minute meal period breaks are provided as prescribed by law.

Orchard Support (NON PICKING POSITIONS) & Other Minimum Requirements

14 years of age or older at beginning of harvest (proof of age for minors is required & 1 day off per week will be mandatory for allsninors)

Be available & capable of working the entire work shift, typically 5:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for the duration of harvest (up to 8 weeks). Shift is weather & cherry availability dependent.

Physically capable of standing the entire work shift & walk on sloped & uneven terrain & provide own supportive footwear.

Use of both hands & arms is required to move fruit bins, foam pads & secure bin tickets.

Must be alert at all times & able to hear & see in order to avoid colliding with another person carrying a ladder or buckets & equipment including tractors, gators, forklifts & trucks.


Working in the orchard can be fun & rewarding however, staff should be aware that like our packinghouse, the orchard activity is fast paced at times, too. Summertime conditions in this region can get hot quickly. Picking will cease when it is deemed unsafe to pick for both workers & the cherries. Depending on the weather & the block, dust may cause difficulty with vision & breathing. Dust masks will be offered at no charge when those conditions are met. Staff must be able to work on sloped, uneven terrain & be aware of gopher holes & other trip hazards & be prepared to avoid them. We farm cherry orchards in Wasco, Hood River, Sherman, Klickitat & Umatilla Counties & staff must arrange their own transportation to any orchard as assigned. 15 minute rest breaks & 30 minute meal period breaks are provided as prescribed by law.

If hired, you will be provided with an employee handbook & additional important information regarding safety & expectations of our staff.

May 17, 2016