Orchard View Inc. Focuses On Being a Safe Place To Work And On Producing The Safest, Freshest, Ready-to-Eat Cherries In The World.

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Hello and welcome to Discover The Dalles on You Be All You Are TV.  Today my guest is Tony with Orchard View Farms.  Tony welcome to the broadcast

Oh you’re welcome, I’m here for you guys.

Great!  We’re glad to have you.  Now Tony you’re the Safety Officer at Orchard View Farms.  Now, you have all those delicious cherries and it’s a lot of work to get them out to those of us who want to eat them. Can you tell us how you keep the Orchard View employees safe?

Yeah, it’s a lot of work for this company and for my responsibility is…  is too much, because we have a lot of people.  We have like 800 pickers this year and we have 200 people in the packinghouse, so I think a total we have 1200 employees in this year.  So, it’s easy.

That’s a lot of people to keep track of.

Yes, so we have different training for these people.  We have pickers training, orchard support and packing house support, so we have the difference training for these people.

That’s great, I mean with all the people that you have, I mean you have people up on ladders, you have people using lots and lots of different equipment.  So, it’s very important that they understand the safety behind all of them.

Yes, for example we have training for Pickers; we do the personal protection equipment, hazard communication, food safety and prepare hands washing,  pesticide safety and decontamination sites and supplies and we have a direct training tools.

That’s good to know.


With that many people running around, it’s important that they all stay safe.  So, it sounds like that you have the three main areas of operations; you have the picking in the fields and then the support. Is that the people that transport it to the packing house? Then you have safety programs for the people packing the cherries in the boxes to ship out.

Yeah, for example we have the packing house, we have the same personal protection equipment, hazard communication, food safety, prepare hands washing and emergency procedure and evacuation procedure for packinghouse employees.

So, you keep saying food safety. It sounds like it’s a big priority to make sure that those cherries are arriving to us fresh and not contaminated or exposed to anything that could be harmful.

Yes, and we have a lot of help for global gap and we have the certificate for this company.  Yeah and then that that’s why we send cherries around the world.

Yes, it’s exciting how far around the world Orchard View Cherries go.

So, safety is a full-year concern, I mean we’re only picking cherries now, but you guys are working on the farms and in the orchard all year round correct?

Yes, around the year so and this and during Cherry season my position, I have to check every second or third day in the packinghouse and in the orchard.  So, yeah, every day is a new day. We have different type of incidents and accidents sometimes, but I think this year we are good compared with that last year. Orchard view cherry harvest, The Dalles, Oregon

Oh excellent!


Wonderful, so you’re making sure that not only do you produce great cherries, but that you’re a great place to work and so the employees can be happy and successful there?

Yeah, this is this is my goal in my position.  So, everybody have to stay and be safe.

Excellent, well Tony thank you very much for joining us on the program.  We appreciate all the things that you do to keep the employees at Orchard View safe and all the things that everybody does to make sure, that we have the freshest, most delicious tasting cherries coming from Orchard View.  Thank you for your time.

Thank you so much and enjoy us for the cherry season this year.

You’re welcome and thanks for joining us and thank you for joining us on Discover The Dalles.  I hope we’ll see you again another broadcast