Orchard View Inc. (OVI) is a 4th generation family owned and operated fresh cherry business. Walter Bailey and Mabel Bailey established OVF in 1923. The initial business base was processing cherries. According to records kept by “Grandpa,” the farm produced 18 tons of white cherries and six tons of black during its first season. Walter’s son Don and his wife Edwina joined the business prior to 1940. Don and Edwina, with sons Bob, Ken, Tom and Jon, planted additional orchard acreage and in the 1980’s oversaw the construction of a cold storage plant and fresh cherry packing line. Now Bob’s daughter Brenda Thomas and nephew David Ortega, along with a management team, over see 2000 acres and pack up to 10,000 tons of cherries a year.




From Left to Right: Bob Bailey, Ken Bailey, Brenda Thomas and David Ortega

Current Operations

Under Orchard Manager Ian Chandler, our fresh cherry production base of 2000 acres focuses on varieties such as Chelan, Tieton, Rainier, Bing, Lapin, Kordia, Regina, Skeena and Sweetheart. Mike Carter, Facilities Manager, and David Ortega, Production Manager, work to pack fresh cherries on two packing lines.

Orchard View Farms uses View Fresh®; an OVF proprietary Modified Atmosphere Packaging technology. View Fresh was developed by Don and Tom Bailey in 1992. View Fresh is sold to fruit packinghouses worldwide. Ryan Durow is the View Fresh manager and travels to Chile during the South American summer. Cherries (along with other fruit varieties) packed and sealed in our View Fresh bags can retain their freshness for long durations. View Fresh keeps the cherry fresh, firm and the stems green for up to 60 days. This ‘shelf-life’ extends our marketing window and allows export by ocean vessel to Taiwan, China, Thailand, United Kingdom and Australia. It also allows for better disbursement for importers and retailers. 

We employ approximately 90 year-round staff and approximately 700 seasonal staff for cherry harvest. As a licensed farm labor contractor, we custom harvest for selected growers.


We are Globalgap and Food Alliance certified.