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Pick Your Favorite Cherry Variety

There may be nothing on earth that matches the flavor and joy that comes from eating a fresh sweet cherry. Fresh cherries are only available for a short time in the summer. Here at Orchard View we focus on planting different varieties in the best locations to stretch the fresh cherry season, giving you more opportunities to enjoy nature’s perfect treat.

We grow our cherries in the shadows of the snow-capped peaks of the Cascade Mountains rising from the banks of the beautiful Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest.

Technically, cherries are members of the Rosaceae family, genus Prunus, and thus cousins to almonds, apricots, peaches, and plums. The cherries we grow here at Orchard View Farms are “sweet” cherries, or Prunus Avium, which do not require cooking. “Sour” cherries, (often identified as “pie cherries”) which usually do require cooking before eating and in America, are mostly grown in Michigan.

We grow several varieties of the most delicious “Light and Dark Sweet Cherries.” We process and package the fresh cherries on site, allowing us to get them to you faster and fresher than ever.

Orchard View Cherries - Rainer Cherries
Orchard View Cherries - Chelan Cherries - First Cherry of Summer

Chelan Cherries:

In the Pacific Northwest, the Chelan Cherry begins the harvest season each year, the first cherries off the trees, fresh, ripe, and ready to eat. The fruit is large with a slight heart shaped roundness, deep red in color. The Chelans resemble Bing Cherries, but are harvested two weeks earlier and are less susceptible to cracking from a late spring rain.
Fruit Sugar: 16-17%

Orchard View Cherries-Bing Cherries-Our Most Popular Sweet Dark Cherry

Bing Cherries:

North America’s leading commercial sweet cherry, and a favorite of many a cherry connoisseur. The Bing cherry is exceptionally large with an intensely sweet, vibrant flavor. The fruit, when ripe, is firm, juicy and a deep mahogany red. The Bing variety, because of its fine qualities, has become the standard by which all other cherries are measured.
Fruit Sugar: 17-20%

Orchard View Kordia Cherries Best Tasting Cherry

Kordia Cherries:

Originally from the Czech Republic, this hefty heart-shaped, mahogany red cherry has a deep purple interior. It is dense and meaty with an appealing full bodied sweetness, rated across Europe as one of the best tasting cherry varieties available. The Kordia cherry is far less susceptible to cracking from an early summer shower than Bing cherries. While some Kodia cherries are available domestically, this variety is mainly grown for export outside the USA.
 Fruit Sugar: 18-21%

Orchard View Rainier Cherries The Northwest's Sweet Light Cherry

Rainier Cherries:

This light-colored cherry is exceptionally large and is yellow in color with a bright red blush. The Rainier cherry has an attractive, distinctive and superior appearance among the sweet cherry varieties. Delicately flavored with an extraordinarily high sugar content, the flesh is pure yellow with a fine texture and is very firm. Considered a premium niche variety, it ripens slightly after the Bing cherries.
Fruit Sugar: 20-25%

Orchard View Lapins Cherries Dark Mahogany Red Cherry

Lapins Cherry:

This highly crack-resistant variety can stand up to summer storms. This dark mahogany red cherry is quickly replacing the late season Lambert. Lapins mature ten days to two weeks after the Bing cherries. The fruit exhibits excellent firmness and flavor and, like all Northwest cherries, create a beautiful display.
Fruit Sugar: 17-19%

Orchard View Regina Cherries The Firm Mildly Sweet Cherry

Regina Cherries:

When ripe, this variety is dark red inside and out. The deep mahogany fruit is large and firm with a mildly sweet flavor. The Regina cherry is known as one of the best export varieties produced in the Pacific Northwest because of its crack resistant properties.
Fruit Sugar: 19-22%

Orchard View Skeena Cherries Dark Sweet Cherry

Skeena Cherries:

The fruit is large, very firm and sweet. This dark red, almost black, variety has a very dense texture. The Skeena cherry continues to grow in popularity with consumers and growers because it is a great late-season variety that will keep you in cherries until the end of July.
Fruit Sugar: 19-20%

Orchard View Sweetheart Cherries the Last Cherry of Summer

Sweetheart Cherries:

Famous for their heart shape, this large bright red fruit has a mild, sweet flavor with outstanding firmness. The Sweetheart cherry matures a full three weeks after Bing cherries and ships extremely well, making it a late summer favorite, fresh ripe and ready to eat.
Fruit Sugar: 20-22%