Hello Orchard View,
Spring is officially here. The calendar, the green grass, the return of the robins, the cherry tree branches turning red are all indicative that winter is finally over. We all thought the snow was never going to melt after having snow on the ground for almost 4 months. Luckily the trees were dormant before winter was here and, for the moment, it looks like we may have a full crop of cherries. Spring brings a sense of urgency, and I appreciate all the hard work in the orchards, and the packing house preparations that are on-going, necessary for a successful harvest. We look forward to seeing returning employees, and encourage all to let friends and family know we have jobs available for the approaching harvest season.                       ~ Brenda Thomas

Now that our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are working well, it is time to do a major upgrade to the Company website. The new website contains beautiful cherry photos and a new video “The Life of an Orchard View Cherry”. It contains a new section about the different varieties of cherries grown by OVI and also one for current employees to view work hours and locations, as well as receive important Company announcements. Come check us out!  WWW.ORCHARDVIEW.COM

“Abogadores de la Communidad”

Advocates of the Community in The Dalles were recognized for working with superintendent Candy Armstrong by Senator Jeff Merkley! Thank you Alex Lazaro Castillo for being part of this advocacy for our children along side other Latino parents.

“Community Backpack Program”

Trudy Lupkes volunteers with the Community Backpack Program sponsored by the United Methodist Church in The Dalles. This program sends a bag of food home with students who request one every Friday afternoon during the school year. Any student who does not have enough to eat on the weekends can ask their teacher or school counselor to sign them up to receive a bag of food. If you want to help, we are currently accepting small cereal boxes, snack items and granola bars.

Whew! What a winter. Thankfully the weather is changing and we can turn our attention to spring and summer. A big thanks to Mike Carter, Keith Carter, Salvador Vazquez and David Cunnigham for being ready and available to plow our main entrance roads and facility areas to allow business to somewhat continue as usual for office staff and visitors.
The packing house team is busy preparing for the 2017 cherry and prune season. At this point in the spring, harvest appears to be a couple weeks behind the 2015 and 2016 season. We are looking at starting cherries in Mid-June at this time.
While this was our first year of having all the new Unitec equipment, Unitec themselves have commented that we have set the standard for other packinghouses to follow. This is something that Orchard View should be very proud of.
We are putting in a new capacity compressor to help with our refrigeration capacity. Finally, we have had time this winter to do some much needed cleaning and organizing. This offseason has allowed us to catch up. I want to recognize the facilities and production teams for working safely and efficiently.         ~ David Ortega

We completed the first quarterly safety inspection for this year and overall we had a great outcome. We would like to thank our employees for their safe work practices, for wearing their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and for their good work behavior which lead to a successful workplace inspection.
In December of 2016, we had a contest for a Safety Improvement Idea. The winning idea is… “It would be great if all employees, become more attentive and avoid any kind of accident. Be aware of our surroundings, even when walking in and around company property” – submitted by Manuel Flores! Thank you to Manuel, and to everyone who participated. Our next contest idea will be posted on the next View’s News – stay tuned!
To start off this beautiful spring season, the safety committee decided to challenge our employees to go thirty days’ accident-free! Within these thirty days, we will be educating our staff on safe practices, hazard identification, and effective communication, as well as practice our emergency response plan. Kindly remind any employee/visitor to always wear their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

2017 Safety Committee members: Hugo Gonzalez, Timothy Ryan, Juan Montes, Juan Lopez, Josefina Ortega, Joaquin Medina, Armando Marines, Jose Trejo, Eduardo Hernandez, Ricardo Anaya, Tony Valdovinos, & Melissa Reyes

“Safety, It’s in our roots!”