Orchard View News - Q4 2016

Orchard View News - Q4 2016 pg2

Letter From the President:

2016 is a year to celebrate! After experiencing one of the smallest and poorest crops on record in 2015, Orchard View just came through with its largest harvest ever in 2016. Cherry farming is predictably unpredictable. Through effective planning & preparations, both in the orchard and packing house, Orchard View continues to position itself as positively as possible in this fickle, volatile business. Measure 97, if it passes, will be another market we will have to plan for and contend with. I want to wish all of our dedicated staff, their families and our partners a Happy & Joyous Holiday Season. We look forward to continued success and opportunity in 2017! ~ Brenda Thomas

Orchard News:

We are starting the pruning process that is of vital importance for producing the high quality cherries that Orchard View is known for. Pruning allows for aeration, so when you trim a tree back, you allow it to develop proper formation, yield higher quality fruit and overall, remain in better health. I want to recognize two fellow coworkers who have been attentive and without thinking about their own welfare. Juan Lopez and Artemio Barrera saw that a coworker was in danger, they sprung into action and have helped keep a situation from going bad to worse. That is what makes a good coworker! When a fellow coworker is in need, reach out to them and help. Thank you Juan and Artemio for setting an example to all o f u s .
~ Ian Chandler, Director of Orchard Operations

Safety Committee:

It’s time to form a NEW group for our Safety Committee. Would you like to participate? Do you know an OVI employee who would make a great addition to the Committee? * Committee members attend a monthly meeting * Committee member work together to further OVI’s commitment to a safe work place. Submit your name or nomination to the main office by Dec 23, 2016!! New members will meet with the outgoing members in January 2017.


The rapid change in weather calls for some safety changes in the way we dress. Here are some tips to keep you safe and warm this winter:  Dress in layers to provide better insulation  Use insulated boots and winter socks to protect feet  Wear a hat to help maintain body heat  Use an outer wind/rain protection layer to prevent heat loss from the body and to stay dry  Stay hydrated, drink warm liquids As we approach the months with more rain and snow, be especially mindful of your safety while walking and driving. Be alert to the conditions and to the surroundings to avoid a mishap or injury.

Packing House Post:

We finished prune harvest in late August and it was another successful season. This year we received 60% more volume than last year. Due to the installation of the new cherry line, the prune line had to be completely disassembled, relocated, and put back together for this years crop. Kudos to the crew for not only getting this done, but we started packing prunes the day after we finished cherries. This was a big accomplishment! With all of the projects that we worked on last winter, we are focusing this winter on cleaning and housekeeping. The facilities crew has been busy going through things and getting rid of items we no longer need and organizing the things that we do need. It is something that we been wanting to do, but just haven’t had the time with the projects we have had to tackle the last couple years. Speaking of cleaning, we have received a number of compliments on the cleanliness and attention to detail in the caring of our new Unitec equipment. These comments come from Unitec themselves and they have said we are above the competition on how we care for our equipment . This attention and care allows us to get the best possible use out of the equipment for the years to come. Great job!  ~ David Ortega